You will cook yourself in an adventurous way on a wood-fired barbecue

Time to roll up your sleeves yourself. You will cook in an adventurous way on a wood-fired barbecue. You light the fire yourself and regulate the supply of wood during grilling. A frying pan and grilling tools are provided and there is unlimited wood. You can sit comfortably on our covered terrace near the kiosk or at our picnic tables.

The Outdoor Cooking menu consists of: grill steak (entrecote), beef burger, marinated bacon and beef sausage, everything from the quality butcher, a salad, pistolet with herb butter, potato wedges and a BBQ sauce. Drinks not included. 

In the spring and autumn or when it is a bit cooler, we light the fire bowl.

Price: € 28,75 p.p. | Child price (4 to 11 years) € 25,75 p.p. 
Minimum participation: 6 people

prijs: € 28,75 p.p.
minimaal: 5 personen
duur ca: 2 uur