During this 120-minute cruise, you will get to know the water village of Giethoorn and the surrounding nature reserve De Wieden, part of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park.


(Only by appointment)

In our comfortable lounge tour boat you first sail through the canals of the characteristic village of Giethoorn, after which the skipper sets course for the nature reserve, which is only accessible by water. The skipper has a number of binoculars with which you can look down on the beautiful landscape from the lookout tower there. 


Child price (4 to 11 years): € 14,50 p.p. | Group price (20 pers. Or more): € 16,00 p.p. 

Incl. VMR (surcharge) € 1,00 p.p. 
Minimum participation: 2 persons 


This lounge cruise can be expanded with: 
Two cups of coffee or tea with apple pie and whipped cream € 5,75 p.p. 
Various drinks from € 2,50 a piece 
Breakfast buffet € 10,50 p.p. 
Lunch buffet € 14,50 p.p.
Meeting buffet € 7,00 p.p. 
Soup with a sandwich € 4,50 
Two drinks, cheese, sausage and nuts € 8,00

prijs: € 18,50 p.p.
minimaal: 2 personen
duur ca: 2 uur