Sailing is incredibly comfortable with our center console boat. You pilot the boat by means of a steering wheel.

Our electrically powered console boat is steered by means of a steering wheel and is equipped with comfortable seat cushions. 
A console boat can accommodate up to 7 people. 
To complete your day, you can reserve a picnic basket on the go. 


Price per day: € 120,00 | Price 1 hour: € 27,50 | Price 2 hour: € 50,00 | Price every following hour: € 25,00 

Incl. VMR (surcharge) € 2,50 p.h.
Legitimation: driver's license, ID card or passport. 


A console boat can be rented for several days. Ask for the possibilities.

prijs: € 120,00
duur ca: 7.5 uur