A day sailing in the Ottersloep means enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Giethoorn. The Ottersloep is equipped with a luxurious cushion set, silent electric motor and spray hood, which may provide some shelter.

The Ottersloep is equipped with a GPS navigation with 8 different routes, with which you sail along the most beautiful places. It is not allowed to sail through the village canal with the Ottersloep. The Ottersloep is suitable for a maximum of 8 adults and 2 children. 
To complete your day, you can reserve a picnic basket on the go! 


Incl. VMR (surcharge) € 7,50 p.h. 
Identification: driver's license, ID card or passport. 
Life jackets are available for children without a swimming diploma (free). 


This sloop can only be booked for a whole day.

prijs: € 250,00
duur ca: 7.5 uur