Treasures are hidden at various locations in Giethoorn. After the go-ahead, the search for the treasures begins, which you can only find with the help of a GPS receiver.

The treasure hunt is an exciting, competitive activity where the motto is: first come, first served! 
You can sail the treasure hunt in whisper boats or punts. With a whisper boat, the duration is approximately 1.5 hours. 



Price punter: € 18,50 p.p. | Child price (4 to 11 years): € 16,50 p.p. 
Price whisper boat: € 19,50 p.p. | Child price (4 to 11 years): € 17,50 p.p. 
Incl. VMR (surcharge) € 1,00 p.p. 


Minimum participation: 15 people



prijs: € 18,50 p.p.
minimaal: 15 personen
duur ca: 2 uur